“My husband treated me to a prenatal massage at Therapy By the Sea while vacationing in Cambria for our anniversary. The facility is cozy and restful. The masseuse was very sweet, made me feel cared for and comfortable. The massage was the perfect firmness attending to the exact points of stress and strain due to pregnancy. I left feeling fantastic, rested and restored, aches and pains gone, and the effects have yet to wear off.”  E.L.


This soothing PRENATAL MASSAGE session is specially adapted to bring support for mother’s to be. With a nurturing light to medium touch, this classic massage is renown for using long flowing strokes and gentle kneading of the muscles. Its focus is to help relieve stress and tension on weight bearing joints. For maximum comfort to the mother and baby, the session is performed side lying. In our classic 90 minute session, a small portion is done laying on your back using a specially designed wedge pillow to prevent putting pressure on the baby. Pillows provide support and comfort during your entire session, allowing you to completely relax during this special time. Warm organic oil and towels are also used throughout your session to deepen relaxation, leaving you feeling more open and balanced during this special time.


Duet Focus (1 Pre-Natal & 1 Relaxation) – 30m X 2: $210

Duet Focus (1 Pre-Natal & 1 Therapeutic) – 30m X 2: $220

Essence – 60m: $150

Classic – 90m: $200

Extend – 120m: $250