“This amazing treatment helped release, sooths and soften my body to ease deep down tension. The alternating temperatures cleverly decongested the chronic areas and flush fatigue from my muscle tissue.” J.T.


Super charge your massage and experience first hand the experience of how amazing varying temperatures of stones are at relaxing, releasing and energizing the mind, body and soul.

An intensive use of the Ying & Yang qualities of both warmed and cooled stones, added into your session, bringing a sense of balance and harmony to the body. The balancing effect of using warm & cool stones is a signature of LaStOne Therapy®. It’s similar to a traditional hot stone massage, but alternates the use of hot and cold stones. The heated stones relieve stress, soften tissue and increases pliability within the body. The cold stones reduce toxins, relieve inflammation and stimulate circulation. It is a contemporary approach to alternating temperatures in massage and is a multifaceted technique designed to benefit both the client and therapist. The therapeutic potential of this treatment goes beyond measure and gives a new meaning to the expression “hot and cold all over” as a holistic treatment designed to balance the body and mind.

The physiological benefits of alternating hot and cold to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven. Adjusting different temperatures on the body is a beneficial aid in healing on all levels of our body and consciousness, and has been used throughout time. This approach to massage is far more than a massage with hot stones; it is a multidimensional treatment that works with all levels of your energy and reaches the very soul. It is able to reach deeper levels than a regular massage and is ideal for back pain, stress related conditions and sluggish systems. LaStOne Therapy® capitalizes on these traditional practices with a modern approach and is a trademark of LaStOne Therapy International.

As the stones are introduced and welcomed to into your space, they help bring balance and healing to your body. Heated towels and a warmed neck roll are also used in your session, adding another sensory level of balance and harmony to this very grounding bodywork. Choose between Relaxation or Therapeutic (Deep Tissue) Massage.

The Harmony Stone Massages uses twice the number of stones throughout the session than is used in the Moonstone or Salt Stone sessions.


Duet Focus (Relaxation) – 30m X 2: $230

Duet Focus (Therapeutic) – 30m X 2: $250

Essence (Relaxation) – 60m: $180

Essence (Therapeutic) – 60m: $200

Classic (Relaxation) – 90m: $240

Classic (Therapeutic) – 90m: $270

Extend (Relaxation) – 120m: $300

Extend (Therapeutic) – 120m: $340

Indulge (Relaxation) – 150m: $360

Indulge (Therapeutic) – 150m: $410

Luxury (Relaxation) – 180m: $420

Luxury (Therapeutic) – 180m: $480