“I opted for a massage with deep tissue and warm stones. Christa was very professional and attentive. The whole session was a very welcoming, using a very effective tools and technique. Highly recommended.” R.H.

If you are wanting the full experience of what it is like to get ‘stoned’ with your massage, then this is the session for you. Using smooth warmed stones, hand selected from Cambria’s coast, Christa uses their penetrating warmth to melt away tension, while relieving knotted muscles and sore joints. The warmed stones are not only integrated into your massage session, they become the grounding and connected focus of your massage experience. With this massage you can immerse yourself in the magical feel of the stones literally integrating into your therapist’s hands throughout the entire session. The stones are also placed on key points next to your body, increasing flexibility and blood flow to the area.

As the stones are introduced and welcomed to into your space, they help bring balance and healing to your body. Heated towels and a warmed neck roll are also used in your session, adding another sensory level of balance and harmony to this very grounding bodywork. Choose between Relaxation or Therapeutic (Deep Tissue) Massage.


Duet Focus (Relaxation) – 30m X 2: $220

Duet Focus (Therapeutic) – 30m X 2: $240

Essence (Relaxation) – 60m: $160

Essence (Therapeutic) – 60m: $180

Classic (Relaxation) – 90m: $215

Classic (Therapeutic) – 90m: $245

Extend (Relaxation) – 120m: $270

Extend (Therapeutic) – 120m: $310

Indulge (Relaxation) – 150m: $325

Indulge (Therapeutic) – 150m: $375

Luxury (Relaxation) – 180m: $380

Luxury (Therapeutic) – 180m: $440