“The therapist dampened and heated the salt rocks in her hands to massage what felt like every knot or crick out of my body. In a sense, it felt like a normal hot stone massage, but afterwards the minerals and oils that melted from the salt stone onto my body lasted longer. Even the day after the treatment my skin felt different, smoother, for much longer than a normal massage.” I.N.


Are you looking for a hot stone massage, but would like to experience some of the added benefits of using mineral rich Himalayan Salt Stones?

There are many benefits of incorporating heated Himalayan Salt Stones into your massage sessions. Like regular heated stones, they can help melt restrictive fascia, loosens up muscles and joints, soothes inflamed tissue and leave the skin feeling refreshed and glowing. In addition, the use of these special salt stones transdermally introduces your body to 84 essential minerals and trace compounds. Salt levels affect our cell activity, energy and blood sugar levels. A natural disinfectant, salt is also naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial.

This particular pink salt rock comes from the Punjab region of Pakistan, near the base of the Himalayan Mountains. Also known as the Salt Range. Once upon a time it was a primal sea before it became the famous mountains they are today.

What Properties in Himalayan Salt Rocks?

Salt is something our body needs. It is composed of two electrolytes, sodium and chloride, which help with maintaining the fluid balance in your body. Himalayan crystal salt contains minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, as well as 80 other trace minerals, that make it so desirable in meals, as lamps, and in massages. Himalayan salt is naturally rich in iodine. (Note, that it is not as much iodine as Iodized salt). This is needed in our body to make thyroid hormones and is also used as an antiseptic. 

Some Benefits of Himalayan Salt:

  • Promotes healthy blood sugar
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Supports a healthy respiratory system and sinuses
  • Boosts bone health and prevents muscle cramps
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves anxiety and addresses insomnia
  • Lightly exfoliates the skin and is highly relaxing
  • Emits negative ions when heated, delivering a myriad of health benefits—from higher mental alertness to protection against germs in the air

As the stones are introduced and welcomed to into your space, they help bring balance and healing to your body. Heated towels and a warmed neck roll are also used in your session, adding another sensory level of balance and harmony to this very grounding bodywork. Choose between Relaxation or Therapeutic (Deep Tissue) Massage.


Duet Focus (Relaxation) – 30m X 2: $220

Duet Focus (Therapeutic) – 30m X 2: $240

Essence (Relaxation) – 60m: $160

Essence (Therapeutic) – 60m: $180

Classic (Relaxation) – 90m: $215

Classic (Therapeutic) – 90m: $245

Extend (Relaxation) – 120m: $270

Extend (Therapeutic) – 120m: $310

Indulge (Relaxation) – 150m: $325

Indulge (Therapeutic) – 150m: $375

Luxury (Relaxation) – 180m: $380

Luxury (Therapeutic) – 180m: $440