GIFT CARDS can be redeemed for any service offered. Payment for gift cards can not be made through Booksy and must be done offline. This is only a portal to place an order request. For your convenience, GIFT CARDS are sold in increments amounts of $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $250, $300, $350, $400, $450 and $500. 

To ensure speedy processing, please call 805-226-6160 to activate your order request and arrange for payment. Arrangements for payments for gift cards can only be made in person, by cash, or through Venmo. TO COVER THE COST OF ACCEPTING VENMO PAYMENTS HAVE A 4% CHARGE. In gift card purchases this charge is deducted from the value of the card at the time of service. This does not apply to any payments made by cash. Please keep this, and any desired gratuity, in mind when making your purchase, especially if you wish to fully cover all fees for your gift to the recipient.

Once the payment is processed and confirmed, the gift card will be activated and an order number will be sent to the email address you have registered it with. 

You can print up a copy of that gift card or provide the order number of the gift card to your recipient.


Appointments will still need to be reserved with a credit card holding it. At the time of the appointment the Gift Card order number must be presented upon check in as payment.

GIFT CARDS are the same as cash and lost access to the card cannot be replaced.

Once payment has been arranged, GIFT CARDS are not refundable and no cash out change will be given for any unused portion of the card. Unused portions of the gift card can be held onto though for later use.

GIFT CARDS do not include any gratuity. Let us know if you wish a certain amount of the gift certificate to be used for a gratuity.

Christa honors all our purchased gift certificates and gift cards, even if they have expired, for the amount they were purchased for. If you have an expired gift card, or an old unredeemed certificate, please contact us to make arrangements to redeem it as soon as you can.