CHRYSALISM DREAMS (Warm Towel Compress Treatment)


“Using hot towels, combined with compression, to the entire body was an experience that I will never forget.” M.S.


Chrysalis: the outer protective cocoon of a butterfly before it emerges

Due to the popularity of our WARM TOWEL COMPRESSES, we have added this incredibly relaxing, and rejuvenating, customized treatment to our menu. The manner in which we apply our compresses has been a cornerstone of the success of our treatments. With this session, you will get to experience the full nurturing effect of how it feels to receive this to the whole body.

Using a method called ‘cocooning,’ your body is comfortably wrapped in insulated layers of warm towel compresses. As the heat soaks in, your therapist then applies gentle and firm compression massage over all the tensest areas of your body, gently coaxing them into softening and allowing you to sink into a deeply relaxing meditative state.  Additional heated towels are applied, as needed. The therapist massage finishes your with a gentle head and scalp massage. Strategically placed cool towels can also be used, when needed, to ensure you maintain a state of comfort throughout your session.

Enhance the effects of this treatment by adding our infrared sauna to your session: THE HEAT IS ON!