With our expansion, our hope is to have a larger space to support several therapists, accommodate more clients, especially groups, and have a place geared to be a true space for healing. With this process, we have decided to refocus the purpose of the business to be more of a collective of therapists and reflect more on a keyword in our business name … THERAPY. This is factor as to why we are now changing Therapy by the Sea from a ‘Day Spa’ into a ‘Health & Wellness Center’.

We have been working hard, and put in a lot of investment, into getting the downstairs space completely open and ready for clients. This space now serves as our reception area for the business. In the main room we have sink with hot water, a refrigerator, a waterfall fountain, a chair massage area, and a double electric reclining chair that can be used for reflexology sessions (and other sessions not needing a client to disrobe or lay on a table). In addition to our long standing TREE HOUSE SUITE upstairs, designed especially for a couple’s getaway retreat, we now have THE MOONSTONE ROOM and THE HARMONY ROOM downstairs as well. The Moonstone Room is a fully equipped room with an electric table. The Harmony Room sits next door and can be use for floor based work, chair massage, or also be set up with a table (which we have on standby) for additional table massage. These rooms can be used as separate spaces and well as a duet suite. The downstairs is also handicap accessible.

Our next step will be to get the wet room in the back area up and running, which will have its own table when completed.

With the recent changes in the law regarding independent contractors and how they are paid, to make sure we remain in compliance with the law, we changed how we work with other therapists and practitioners within our business structure. We are seeking therapists who are interested in subletting the downstairs space. They will be entirely their own boss, have access to the downstairs space, provide their own supplies, put up a sign and business cards that represents their own independent business (if they want), be able to keep their supplies there, advertise the space with their own business, set their own schedule and make up their own menu. They will only be renting the space and basic use of main equipment from Therapy by the Sea. If a therapist needs Therapy by the Sea to supply any extra labor or supplies, then they will need to prearrange to hire us to do that for them. Because the space and equipment will be used and rented out to several therapists, to prevent overlapping of usage, they will only need to keep us abreast of when they will be using the space.

After talking with a few therapists we have decided to offer a per session and a monthly use rentle option. The rental options does not have to include any advertising of yourself through Therapy by the Sea or their website. Ideally we would like to get 3 therapists who would like to rent the space on a monthly basis and work with us in promoting each other. Until we can find those therapists, we are keeping the per session rental available.

The rental fee includes being listed on our website, listing your own menu, allow you to post blogs, offer any specials you want to offer and gives you access to your schedule in the reservation system.

Let us know if you, or any therapist you know, is interested in any of these rental options. They do not necessarily have to be massage therapists. The space can easily be adapted for other kinds of therapists or health service providers.


  • Performing professional treatments by creating a unique and comfortable experience for all guests to connect and trust you in the treatment room.
  • Helping to maintain the cleanliness of treatment rooms and common areas.


  • Must hold valid certifications, licenses and liability insurance in your profession.
  • Flexibility with schedule and willing to work in a space that is being used by others.
  • High level of customer service.
  • A passion for helping others.
  • Sales oriented and able to confidently communicate information to guests.
  • A desire for longevity and growth.
  • Hospitality experience is preferred.


  • Submit your interest: