Our modern lifestyles are not human-friendly, but massage is!

For those that are stressed, tight, inflamed or flaccid, allow me to address these concerns.

Call to arrange an appointment: 805.927.0699

Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Must call for reservations. Need at least 3 hour notice.

10 a.m. – 4 p.m. 


60 Minute Session: Includes torso, limbs and feet. Emphasis is on the obstruction of the flow of Chi (energy), improving lymphatic circulation and releasing cold or heat trapped in the meridians. Warm towels and aromatherapy are used to prepare the soft tissue and fascia for deeper relaxation. $140.00 ~  60 minutes

90 Minute Session: Includes all of the above. More time is spent on the areas you need focus on, and detail work with the neck, hands and feet. $180.00 ~ 90 minutes

  • Add warm stones to any session for an additional $10.
  • Add deep tissue to any session for additional $10.
  • Your desired pressure, focus of area, long or shorter strokes can be requested or adapted. 
  • Choose your essential oil and/or gel or lotion.
  • Sessions are usually without dialogue, unless you wish to share your thoughts or ask questions.
  • Breathing and releasing emotional holding patterns is encouraged. 

          Thank you for inquiring and honoring your health maintenance!