You only need to give the body a small nudge toward health and it will repay you seven-fold!

Jean is a diplomat of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with training from two colleges. She has practiced the healing arts for over 30 years with a deep understanding of Tui-na, Acupressure & Myofascial Release. Practicing the Six Healing Sounds, Chi-gong forms, meditation and breathing modes for consistent well-being, Jean also teaches self-massage, postural alignment through restorative poses and custom stretches.  She offers private lessons in how to develop energy (Chi) while  toning the muscles, enhancing the energy-field (one’s immunity advantage), increasing the flexibility of joints and boosting the circulation of one’s blood and lymph (also benefiting the immune system). She supports this with postural recommendations from her Chi-gong and Tai-chi fitness training. Her work and coaching can help you tone muscles, improve energy-field, increase flexibility of joints & improve circulation of blood & lymph.

​Jean’s training and expertise is a benefit for overworked professionals, tense athletes, stressed students, and aging adults. It can help alleviate accumulated tension (from fitness training), disperse obstruction from depression, inactivity, trauma and occupational or relationship stress. With Chi-Gong exercise, light weights and floor work, learn to build core muscles.

It fills Jean with much joy to be able to share with others the many years of knowledge and practice that has helped her own body and soul.