• Gift certificates can be purchased from our online store may be redeemed for any service we offer. Minimum purchase is $25 and can be for any amount you wish. Payment can be done immediately through Paypal or just order requesting a follow up phone call to complete the order payment.

  • For your convenience, GIFT CERTIFICATES can also be ordered through our reservation system.

  • Gift certificates must be presented when you check in.

  • You can request a gift certificate be written out for a specific service. If your gift certificate was sold for a specific service, after 3 months, it will revert to the dollar value it was purchased for.

  • Gift certificates are the same as cash and lost certificates cannot be replaced.

  • Gift certificates are not refundable and no cash out change will be given for any unused portion of the certificate. Unused portions of the gift certificates can be held onto though for later use.

  • Gift certificates do not include any gratuity. Let us know if you wish a certain amount of the gift certificate to be used for a gratuity.

  • We honor all our purchased gift certificates, even if they have expired, for the amount they were purchased for. If you have an expired certificate, please contact us to make arrangements to redeem it as soon as you can.

  • There is no extra charge to arrange for pick-up or delivery for Gift Certificates purchases. If you would like to add a SPECIAL OCCASION GREETING CARD or have the Gift Certificate incorporated into a larger gift package and DELIVERED, additional service fees apply.

  • To cover the cost of accepting debit and credit cards a 4% fee will be charged to all purchases. To avoid this charge you can arrange to make your payment with cash or money order. We also accept payments through the Bravo Tip or Pay app.