SOLE RENEWAL (Foot Soak & Mud Mask)


“We knew nothing about Therapy by the Sea when we booked our massage and detox foot soak and we’re very pleasantly surprised! The room was cozy and the aromas instantly soothed you. The treatments were unequivocally the best I have experienced! Looking very forward to my next time!” D.W-D.








Want some special relaxing time to nourish your ‘soles’ before your session? Feel your feet also need some extra pampering?

So much more than just a foot soak and a perfect way to make your session extra special.


Enjoy the luxurious feel of your feet in warm water filled with the detoxifying & healing benefits of specially blended Essential Oils and Seaweed before or after your session. Add in our Mineral Salts and mineral rich Dead Sea & Bentonite Clay with Sweet Almond Oil for additional healing benefits. With a duet session, this is also a great time to converse and enjoy each other’s company while being pampered.

We have 3 levels to choose from for our foot baths.

Our basic session opens with your feet being immersed in a warm bath filled with fragrant essential oils and seaweed. After your feet have soaked in the warm water, they will receive a gentle sea weed rub, and then experience a refreshing dip in cool water. This helps stimulate the lymphatic system and reduce swelling. You are free to dip your feet back and forth between the warm and cool water several times, if desired. With each successive dip the water can be heated or cooled further for optimum healing benefit. The session finishes with a loofah scrub to loosen and sluff off calluses, and finishes with your feet wrapped in warm dry towels.

You can upgrade our basic session with a special blend of mineral salts added to the bath. Several mineral rich salts are blended in our foot baths, all of which have a long history of helping tired and achy feet. Made up of a combination of magnesium and sulfate, they can help flush toxins and heavy metals from your skin’s cells, reduce inflammation, increase circulation and ease muscle cramps and joint pain. As your feet absorb the magnesium, pain-reducing ions are released, relaxing your muscles and nerves. This helps them function properly by regulating your electrolyte levels. The sulfate targets any harmful substances that need to be eliminated from your body. Epsom salt can also quell foot odor, help heal fungus or ingrown nails, and soothe dry skin.

Our 3rd option includes the above with a detoxifying clay mask, mixed with Sweet Almond Oil, added into the session. After your initial warm water soak, the mask is massaged gently on your soles and wrapped in heated towels for 15 minutes. Your session then continues with a re-immersion of your feet back into the hydrating foot soak.

The science behind calcium Bentonite clay as a detoxing agent lies in its ionic properties. Living clay has a negative charge which is activated when the clay is hydrated. This negative charge creates a pulling effect, drawing positively charged ions to it which is conceptually similar to a magnet. The negative ions are actually exchanged with the positive ions, which attach to and are absorbed by the clay molecules. Sweet Almond oil is known as an excellent beauty and health aid because it is rich in Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc, besides a number of other minerals and vitamins.

This can be a stand alone session but is also a great way to begin or finish a longer massage session. Just reserve this package as you would a regular session, either right before or after your main reservation.


SOLE RENEWAL – 30 min: $55

SOLE RENEWAL: SALT – 30 min: $65

SOLE RENEWAL: SALT & MUD – 15 min/30 min: $90

  • Mineral Salt Blend, Aromatherapy & Seaweed, Hot & Cool Foot Bath.
  • Mud Mask and Hot Towel Compress
  • BULK DISCOUNT (3 or 4 sessions) $81 each, (5 or 6 sessions) $76.50 each, (7 or more sessions) $72 each




Want extra time to sit and enjoy your refreshments, then consider adding our REFRESH & RENEW spa package to your session. It combines our SEASONAL REFRESH package with your SOLE RENEWAL session. You can set it up to enjoy before or after your session. The REFRESH package can also be switched out for another REFRESH package, or customized, per request.

Whatever you can’t finish, you can take with you to remember you session by!