Though a basic massage often fits for most people, we know that sometimes a cookie cutter approach doesn’t fulfill the ‘kneads’ of everyone. At THERAPY BY THE SEA, all of the therapists that work with us are happy to design your session around your specific ‘kneads’. So, if you want to customize your own unique pampering package, then take a peek at some of the services we can add on to your session.




How to create your own unique session:

  • Pick the therapist and length of session you want. All of their basic massage and bodywork sessions can easily be upgraded with the add ons listed.
  • Pick the add ons you would like. When you make your reservation, the system will allow you to book up to 3 items at a time and will automatically place them in the reservation calendar in the order you picked. INTEGRATED ADD ONS have a 5 minute time slot added on, when scheduling, to allow for set up.
  • Each reservation acts as one session when completed. If you are scheduling for more than one person, or for more than one session, you will need to do them as separate reservations.

When scheduling through our reservation calendar, the services we offer are grouped in categories as follows:

FEATURED SPECIALS: Package specials that already include a number of our services combined into one pampering session.

INTRODUCTORY SPECIALS: These are services our therapists are offering at a discounted rate for a limited time.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: This where you can purchase a gift certificate online.

DUET SESSION – 1 CMT: These are our mini and focus sessions for couples that are scheduled, back to back, with just one therapist. For such sessions, we actually encourage the use of only one therapist, for while one person is relaxing with ur heat packs, the therapist will be working with the other. It turns what would feel like a short session and extends into a much more relaxing longer time out.

CUSTOM DUET – 2 CMTs: Here you can make your reservation under our CUSTOM DUET – 2 CMTs option. When picking this option, you can tell us in the comments exactly what you are wanting to schedule. We will contact you to confirm your session is exactly what you are looking for.

SELF SERVICE: These services that can be reserved as stand alone sessions, or added onto a longer session, where you have access to our self massage tools & LED color light mask.

SEATED MASSAGE: Often called chair massage, this massage is done fully clothed in a specially designed chair.

NO OIL BODYWORK: These are bodywork and healing sessions offered by our therapists that do not require the use of oil and can be done fully clothed. This includes Reiki, Breema Bodywork, Acupressure, Shiatsu and can include other modalities that each therapists is specifically trained in.

SWEDISH MASSAGE: This is the basic massage that most people are familiar with. It can be done as a stand alone session or can you incorporate any of our add on services listed below, such as Stones, Compresses, Deep Tissue, Special Oils, or one of Specialized Sets designed to make each session extra special.

PRE-NATAL: These sessions are our basic massage adjusted for mother’s to be. Since it is a side lying massage, it can also be reserved for those who can not lay face down.

FOOT SOAKS: Hydrotherapy for the feet, these foot baths incorporate hot and cool bath.

INFRARED WRAP: Add heat therapy to your session with a specially designed blanket using the fat burning and health enhancing qualities of Infrared.

HERBAL STEAM TENT: Add moist therapy to your session with a personal herbal steam tent done in the manner of traditional Thai sessions.

FACE MASSAGE: Rejuvenating massage just for the face, using various methods, including Face Reflexology.

ADD ON – IN TANDEM (4 HAND): These are where you can specifically reserve one of our 4 hand, two therapist, per personsessions. These sessions provide extra relaxation in a shorter amount of time.

ADD ON – DEEP TISSUE: These are services that can be integrated into your requested session. When making a request for duration of time, the deep tissue you will be requesting to be part of the regular session you are ordering. We suggest you order 30 mins less time in deep tissue than the duration of your session to allow for warming up.

ADD ON – BUDDHA BLISS: This is a set that includes a favorite mix of our most popular services: Deep Tissue, Hot Towel Compresses, Heated Stones, Analgesic Oils & Reflexology.

ADD ON – COMPRESSES & STONES: These are sets designed for ultimate relaxation using both our hot towel compresses and heated stones.

ADD ON – COMPRESSES: These are compress sets with towels designed to warm up the body to increase blood flow and induce deeper relaxation. Good for general location warming.

ADD ON – STONES: These are stone sets designed to warm up the body to increase blood flow and induce deeper relaxation. Good for working out specific and localized tight areas, as well offering a very grounding experience.

ADD ON – SPECIAL OILS: Special oils blended just for you. Includes Aromatherapy, Mineralized Oils and Healing Herbal Infused Oils.

ADD ON – LUCIA EXPERIENCE BAG: Using the scent of your choice, these are Lucia Apothecary sets that will be used during your session. All products are issued in full sized containers. When the session is done, all remaining product is placed in a gift bag for you to take home and continue to enjoy.

PACKAGE ADDITIONS: These are non massage services that can be added to a session to make is extra special, such as gift baskets, refreshment options and dinner coupons. Our delivery option for these, when added to a gift certificate, can be found here as well.