To ensure quality and consistency in the services we provide to our clients, for those who are interested, we occasionally offer discounted sessions in exchange for your feedback. Rest assured, all of our therapists are licensed massage therapists, so you will receive a professional quality session. We offer these feedback sessions  when we make changes to our services, add things to our menu, want to polish our skills, or when new therapists begin working with us. With the addition of our new space downstairs, we are offering many of these sessions with our long time therapists to get feedback on this new space and make improvements.

After your first session, if interested, you will be offered 2 follow up sessions, per service selected, also at a discounted price. These sessions are optional and not required to receive the first offer. For feedback purposes though, they do have certain requirements.

  • The feedback sessions with therapists are one on one observation and feedback oriented and are offered on a very limited basis. Christa, the owner, will be present with the therapist who will be working with you. Depending on the need for it, and we do try to keep it to a minimum, there may be some talking and demonstration during the session.
  • Feedback sessions scheduled with Christa, the owner, are for services that are new to the menu, for services she has made changes to, or services she is fine tuning to ensure quality. These sessions are often just with her, or may have another therapist present for observation.
  • In exchange for the deep discount off of these sessions (40% off our regular price) all we request is that you be willing to give us an extra 15 minutes of your time afterwards to answer a few questions and give us your honest feedback.
  • After your first session, if interested, you will be offered 2 follow up sessions, per service selected, also at a 30% discounted price. These sessions are optional and not required to receive the first offer. For feedback purposes though, they do have certain requirements.
    • They must be redeemed by the same person and can not be scheduled for someone else.
    • You must agree to receive both follow up sessions and schedule them fairly close together, to retain better memory of the prior sessions, for comparison. It is recommended to receive them a week apart. The first follow up session does need to be scheduled within two weeks, and redeemed within a month, after the initial session to receive the discounted rate.
    • These follow up sessions will be for the same service, but will be treated as regular sessions, without the owner present or therapist observation.

If you are interested in scheduling for any of these sessions, just follow this direct link to our Genbook Calendar. If there are sessions available, they will show up under the category: FEEDBACK SESSIONS. If sessions are being offered, then pick the service you want, followed by the therapist you want. Sometimes, one of the sessions that is available is our MOTHER’S TOUCH. This is our pre-natal session. If you know of anyone who might be interested in this, please let them know. Also keep in mind, you actually don’t have to be pregnant to receive this session, but it will be treated as if you were. It is done mostly side lying. For people who have difficulty laying face down, this might be a good alternative for them to try.

If there is any service you want to learn more about before booking, feel free to look under our services to read more about each one offered. In fact, we encourage you to do this before your session, and give us any feedback you may have regarding this process. We always want to know if the links work correctly, the information makes sense, and if there are any typos or inconsistencies. All of our services are listed above in the drop down menu, or you can scroll to the bottom of every page to see a website map with links.

To reserve a session, you will need a credit card. Payment will be made at the time of service. If you decide to finalize payment with a credit card, please keep in mind there will be a 4% processing fee to cover the credit card fees. If you wish to avoid that fee, we do accept cash and Bravo Tip and Pay, without that fee, as well.

We look forward to providing excellent service!


Brighten up your day with our Classic CAMBRIAN GLOW Body Polish paired with our Swedish Massage. The aromatherapy is enhanced with the soothing floral scent of LUCIA APOTHECARY’S – EDNA – honeysuckle rosehip & jasmine sugar scrub. Warm Towel Compresses are used to maximize the effects of the quality products used as well as to deepen your massage experience.

This package also includes your choice of Wine tasting for Two (based on availability), a $25 coupon to ROBIN’S RESTAURANT and a gift bag with additional treats and coupons from Cambria’s local shops.

~ Receive all of this for: $175 (90 mins) $245+ value

Are you a couple wanting to relax and feel refreshed? Maybe friends wanting to enjoy a special retreat? When you book our Duet (Couples) Session, your dinner coupon is increased to $50 and can be used at either ROBIN’S RESTAURANT or MADELINE’S. (Sessions are done at the same time, in the same room. A dressing room and robes are available for your comfort and modesty is maintained at all times.)

~ Receive this Package for TWO for: $325 (90 minutes) $445+ value

Can not be applied to other discounts. Though a person can add services to this special, at the regular menu rates, services & products used within this special itself are not transferable with other services on our menu.